Seeing Double

What draws me to paint wine-related subjects is the reflection, lettering, and connection.  I’m a sucker for reflective surfaces in paintings.  I love the deep dark next to a sharp light and the subtle variations in value.  I also love the lettering on labels and corks.  I’m a big reader, so maybe that’s where it stems from.  My favorite corks are ones with great lettering and fun quotes.  I’m not a "wine snob," as you can probably tell from my random assortment of corks.

I mainly love painting wine because of the connection I feel with others.  I have so many great memories of talking and laughing over bottles of wine with family and friends.  Very rarely do I hang out with people and food and drink is not involved.  It isn’t necessary for the connection, but it seems to always be there.

As Robert Mondavi says, "Fine wine can turn a good meal into a feast."

Seeing Double 2018-03-18 2.jpg